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Over a decade in the business Our Work at Home Canada Team explores, investigates and tries work at home programs for your benefit. We strive to bring you the best information of the most trusted work from home programs in Canada. We work hard to ensure we only find the most reputable work at home businesses in Canada. Put your trust in us to help you live a more balanced life.

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Pretty simply, search online, find a work at home gig and get started. It isn't that easy. Many Work from Home programs are scams, they take your money and leave you with nothing. We change that.

There are a number of Work from Home programs that simply don't work and will only cause you heartache. separates the wheat from the chaff. We help you find the best work at home careers in Canada. Now the tough part. If you are actually serious about earning extra on and sign up with one of the companies below. Is it time for a change? Are you tired of the commuting, the traffic, the you just want to earn an income on your own terms? Keep reading.

Our Top 5 Work from Home Opportunities November 2018

Fall 2018 is here, like it or not...and baby it's getting cold outside. We have researched and come up with the 5 best work from home opportunities in Canada. These partners have proven to be fair, reliabe and above all profitable.

Be advised that in our experience and research we have found that almost 95% of the work from home sites online are ineffective and simply don't deliver. That is why we research, test and research some more to ensure only the very best work from home jobs are posted. Be sure to visit our Facebook page and our blog for even more information on home jobs. Let's get started and remember - Enjoy your Job, Enjoy your life.

Editors Pick For November 2018 is Writing Jobs Online

Writing jobs online - If you have a knack for string words together or an artistic flair, this job might be for you. They have paid out over 8 million dollars and have been covered on MSNBC, Yahoo News and many others. Visit them here and decide for yourself.

Company Ranking Comments and Information
Take Surveys for Cash 5/5 The only paid survey site that caters to Canadians. After extensive testing we deem this an effective way to earn from home. Their landing page leaves a lot to be desired but rest assured, this one works and works well. Like most survey jobs it does include an upfront fee. Visit them here to get started.
Get Cash for Surveys Inc 4.5/5 A work from home standard, very simple and it pays generally well. If you are looking for stable (perhaps a bit boring) at home work. Please visit them here and sign up.
Paid Surveys at Home Inc 5/5 Paid surveys at home has been around for over a decade. They are experienced and pay well. A good choice if you only want to work part time. A reputable company that can be trusted - 5 out of 5. Please visit and sign up here.
Legit Online Jobs Inc 5/5 Legit Online Jobs is really a directory, thus the 5/5 rating. It rounds up and reviews the current crop of online work in North Amaerica and gives you the opportunity to work for them all at the same time through the Legit Online Jobs interface. Rock solid for the last decade. Please visit them here and sign up.
Get Paid to Write at Home 5/5 Be advised - You will require writing skills for this position. If you have skills in this area than please choose this job over the others above. The ability to work into higher paying writing jobs is the most attractive feature of the work from home opportunity. Visit them here.



 Get Cash for Surveys - Now Available in Canada - # 1 Pick

 Get Cash for Surveys recently opened its doors to Canada, this company has been finding paid surveys for people for many years in the US. Now would be a great time to get started as the Canadian survey market is desperately looking for motivated people. Visit them here.

Paid Surveys at Home

 Paid Surveys at Home is the current leader in offering paid surveys to real people who want to earn income. If you have never worked from home before; this is a great starting point. Our associates have had great success with this company and it is currently the top company in Canada for people wishing to enjoy the benefits of home work.

Click here to visit their site.

 Legit Online Jobs

 Legitonlinejobs is a world renowned work from home site. Literally 100's of thousands of people have found employment via their extensive database. Be advised it will cost you money to join this site but we have found the vast majority of legitimate sites will require a setup fee. This allows them to filter out persons who are lacking in ambition and drive.Legitonlinejobs offers a variety of Canadian work at home opportunities such as admin work, data entry, blog building, typing and article writing. If you are serious about getting ahead, you need to try them by clicking here.

 Getting paid for taking surveys is quickly becoming the job of choice for work at homers and many of these companies have recently allowed Canadian residents in on the survey action.



Work from Home Tips for Success!!

- Make sure you follow the same schedule every single day you work

- You need a work space that allows you to work without distraction, sitting up shop in front of the TV will not aid productivity...treat this like a job

- Dress for success! No pajama pants and dirty t-shirts, dress like you are going tro work. It will make you feel inspired and more professional